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My 1975 Camaro

No, no, unfortunately, this is not my Camaro (yet). This is a nice '74 LT Z28 clone I saw on eBay and thought that it was a very nice, clean car. I put this here to remind myself that this is what I'm shooting for.

This is my car, the green '75 Camaro. I bought it 4 or 5 years ago when I realized that the quarters were really rusting out on my original black '75.

My goal is to get the car back on the road, with all of the parts I've collected over the years. After it's mobile again, I can take time to assess how it feels and what changes to make. So, most of the work will be suspension, body, and interior. I will probably run the engine I have as it sits for now.

Bodywork Updated 10/21/04
Front Suspension Updated 10/24/04
Rear Suspension Updated 10/24/04