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'75 Bodywork

Floorboard Rust -


Here you can see what the rust looked like in the original floorpan. I laid out a line with masking tape, and used an air cut-off tool to remove the damage. Be aware of any supports that you don't want to cut through, like in the third picture. I then took the new pan, which I got from CARS, Inc., and laid it into place. I weighted it down and traced a line with a Sharpie. On the bench, I traced another line a half inch "up" for the overlap, as in the fifth picture.

Here are a couple of air tools that were handy - a nibbler on the left, and a flanger / punch on the right. The nibbler cut through the steel like butter, you just have to have a starting hole big enough for the head. Just cut off the excess metal along the line. The only down side of the nibbler are the little steel "toenails" that are left over, and in the third picture. They embed themselves in your shoes, the palms of your hands, your knees, everywhere!

This was my first shot at MIG welding, and I did well enough to get the job done. Not real pretty, but the pan is in. I found that sticking two peices of metal together and welding are two different things, although once I figured out that the wire feed was not working right and fixed it, it went a WHOLE lot better. I took a 4 " grinder and knocked the welds down a bit for looks. I had the car up on Rhino ramps, but still, welding on your back under the car is a P-A-I-N.


The Beginning -

pass side anglepass sidedriver sidedriver angledriver interior

interiorpass interiorengine bay 1engine bay 2garage shot

These are some photos when I got the car home. I removed the grillwork because of a neighborhood pest ....

According to my VIN and Trim Tag my car was built the first week of May, 1975. It came off the line as a standard Sport Coupe from Norwood, Ohio with an L-65 350 V8 withe a 2 bbl carb for 145 hp @ 3800 rpm, and 250 lbs of torque at 2200 rpm, 8.5:1 compression. It had a TH-350 trans and a 2.73 open rear end according to the axle code.

Exterior was Dark Sandstone Metallic (brown) with Saddle color vinyl buckets and dashboard. Since there was no build sheet under the gas tank, I have few clues to determine how it was optioned. It had AC, and a center console. Standard wipers. It may of had the Z54 Interior Decor and Quiet Sound Package, since there was sound deadening on the rear wheel wells and a Jute Deadener behind the rear seat. From NastZ28:

"1975 Z54 Interior Decor/Quiet Sound - Includes glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting; woodgrain accents on instrument cluster; special engine compartment, hood and interior insulation (Standard with Type LT)"

Since the dash was a mess, I can't tell if it had extra lighing yet, and the original hood is gone (it came with a '79 Z28 hood). Standard instrumentation. It does have the bright trim around the upper edge of the doors, fender and hood. A very basic Camaro.

Trim Tag:

ST75 1FQ87 N 225698 BDY
TR 63V A51 58L 58U PNT



RH-qtr-rustfloor rust

It looks like the rear glass leaks because someone has at one time tried to re-seal it form the outside with silicone. The passenger side rear quarter has rusted through at the very bottom. They also tried to use something (seam sealer?) to paint over the rust in the rear floorboard. It continued to rust through and needs replacing. They also removed the console brackets from the floorpan.