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The F-Body-Classic List Members

Page to list the home pages of Classic list members and unauthorized pics of said members. If your name is below, please send a pic to the Contact above. If you shot the pic I have stolen here, please let me know, and I'll gladly give you credit for it or remove it at your descretion.

If you are totally wigged out at having your pic on the page, e-mail me at the Contact above and I'll remove it.


Tom Bettiker

Joe C. Boucher

Phil Boylan

Jon Burchmore

Don Carey

Jason Clifton

John Daley

Doug DePew

Jim Dos

Dwight Dunbar

David Houser


Doug Jaynes

Scott Jones


Mike LeJeune

Joe Mac

Jove Malcom

Norm Meulleman

Keith Mezzina

Charles McDaniel

Charles McDonald

Paul Mollo

Brad Olson

Micheal Pell

Chris Ritter

Eric Senior

Barry Simpson

Gordon Warren

Jack Wendel