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Misc. Projects

Page for me to doc my little misc car related projects

October 3rd, 2004

New lines, Russel Braided hoses, 12" 1LE rotors, Caprice cop car D61 pads.

Now that I have the front suspension together, time for the rear. New 125 lb springs, new bushings, shackles and spring pads. The 3.73 is really a 3.08.

Don't know what brand the rear springs are, they were an eBay purchase from someones defunct 79 Nova project. Gonna clean it up, paint it and put'er back under there.



My subframe after grinding and putting POR on with a foam brush - no brushmarks, look at that finish!


Blast cabinet and upper A arm after blasting

Other pics of the POR finish. It's only as smooth as the surface underneath! The swaybar brackets were blasted and POR'ed.