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'75 Rear Suspension


The rear suspension rebuild involved pulling the old rear out, cleaning it up and painting it satin black. The rear has had a 3.08 Posi installed at one time, despite the rear cover stating that it is a 3.73. The stock 5 leaf springs were rated 90 lbs per inch, and the replacement 4 leaf springs were calculated to rate at 125 lbs per inch. As you can see in the fourth picture, the 4 leafs have much less arch than the stock ones. I don't know who manufactures them; I bought them from a guy parting out his '79 Nova project. They had the number 80-335-252 stenciled in yellow on them. If you know what this means, please drop me an e-mail! I added new Moog rubber bushings, front and rear eyes, along with new rubber spring pads for the install.

The rear drums were rebuilt with new shoes and new wheel cylinders from Wagner. The drums were turned and given a coat of Krylon BBQ paint. I left the springs in their raw finish since they will flex and paint probably won't stay on for long.

Just some pics of the work underneath. The rear swaybar is a 13/16" unit from a Trans Am. It was rebuilt with an ES poly bushing kit, which relaces the bushings in each end of the drop link, as well as the normal endlinks. I think the final drop in the rear height looks good. I will be adding a set of Herb Adams adjustable shocks later, after I fix the upper mounting plates on the drivers side.

When I first got the car, the previous owner had installed 1" lowering blocks in an effort to lower the rear stance, as in the first pic above. The second pic shows how high the car sat after I removed the lowering blocks. The third pic is how it looks after I installed the 4 leaf springs.