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I have a confession. I'm a Tool Junkie. A by-product of being a Packrat in general.


My Dad's Garage

These are pics of the garage my Dad recently built to house his new '64 1/2 Mustang project. It is a 30'x40' Metal building by Xxxxx in Muskogee, OK. It has 10' walls, and the door is 10'x8'. The rough costs for the building was $5400 for the slab, $4000 for the metal building, and about $1000 for insulation and taxes. Just to the right in the first pic is the barn where I stored my black Camaro for years.

Currently, he just has some tables and his tools around the perimeter of the shop, and he works on the car in the center. I don't know if he will go fancier with it or not; right now it's a spacious clean place to work in, which he wanted.


MitchnTX's Garage

These are pics I saved once from a guy that was in a local (defunct) car club. He has a really nice layout to his shop with some good details.

Memorabilia ... Three tier tire rack.

Supply storage Spare Parts

Welding / Cutting cart General Storage

Toolbox and computer / TV Gotta love that big, mobile bench!

Fabrication Area Fabrication Area

Inside, towards front Outside, from the front

Metal laydown area From the back