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Frequently Asked Questions -

Rear Calipers


The top calipers are from a WS6, the bottoms are '85 Deville's.

Both sides of the WS6 calipers are the same, but the brackets are different. WS6 calipers have '451' cast on them. The Devilles have a left and right side and have '020' (L) and '021' (R) cast on them.

Some shots of the WS6 e-brake cable bracket that bolts to the caliper.

The Deville return spring fits over a tab on the e-brake lever, and fits against the cable bracket.

The tab on the WS6 e-brake lever is just a bit too wide for a Deville spring. The width could easily be trimmed, tho. The 2nd pic is of the other e-brake lever that needs to be trimmed also. The 4th pic shows the relative size of the Deville spring for reference. It is much easier to find the Caddy rear brakes (and e-brake springs) in the junkyards.